Crib bedding sets aqua

Camouflage Crib Bedding for Your Nursery Sons

You want to give your baby nursery special that will grow with the years to come. There are so many options to choose. What to do if you want to camouflage crib bedding? Jojo Designs has created a blue and khaki set for your little bundle of joy. This nine-piece set includes everything you and your baby need. The set includes a colorful, crib sheet and skirt quilt. It also [...]

Clothing armoire green

Changing Clothing Armoire

Sure you’re already thinking about taking the time to change clothing armoire. We put before you this, do you some recommendations. Cleaning the cabinet. We recommend that the first step you take is taking all the clothes of the season and thoroughly cleanse the closet. Its easier maintenance, therefore, to clean our closets is sufficient to use a damp cloth or a little water and if you want, a mild [...]

traditional tufted ottoman

GorgeousTufted Ottoman Ideas

A tufted ottoman is ideal furniture for extra seating during the holidays and can also serve as a place to rest your feet at the end of a hard day’s work.  You can also provide a work surface or small table for a snack tray or laptop.  The best all, as an ottoman can provide storage space.  And because you are doing it yourself, you can match or complement your [...]

Dark Executive Desk

Executive Desk or Secretary Desk

Executive Desk An executive desk is one of the most common types of desks, it is very versatile because it has a large flat surface where you can place a computer or can be used to write or desktop crafts. Some executive desks have drawers that are equipped with locks, so you can safely store items and documents . Most executive desks are made ​​of wood, such as cherry or [...]

Stylish Teen Bedding

Quilts and Teen Bedding for Girls

Your teenage daughter spends many hours in his room, studying and relaxing and you’ve decided it’s time for a recreation room. What seemed perfect for a small child or preteen no longer works for teen bedding mature quickly. Quilts and bedding are often the focal point of a room reconstruction, as they are immediately visible and easily changeable. They can also radically change the look of the room in your [...]

Eight Light Oil Candle Chandelier

Different Ways to Use Lamps with Candle Chandelier

Candle lamps have one or more candle chandelier inside a glass globe designed to highlight the natural beauty of the light they emit. While it is not as bright as propane lanterns or flashlights with batteries, the candlelight is soft and creates a comforting glow. These lamps are so versatile and practical and decorative function without the noise associated with propane lamps. In one camp Candle chandelier can be used [...]

Traditional Drawer Pulls

Drawer Pulls Locations

The drawer pulls long handle can be positioned in a variety of locations in a cabinet or drawer. If you want the handle is on the side where the cabinet is opened, put the handle vertically on the lower right or left corner of the enclosure. Put long handles for drawers horizontally in the center of the drawer. Small handles or knobs work best when they are located in the lower [...]

Dog Gates with Cat

How to Make 3 Dog Gates

If you travel a lot with your dog, you can even leave the back of your truck while traveling, but this can be dangerous because the dog can fall off the truck when on the move without you even noticing. You can make dog gates with basic woodworking tools, hardware and plywood. Instructions:  Make the top and bottom of the box for dog. Cut with circular saw two rectangular pieces of plywood [...]

DIY Shadow Box Coffee Table

Three Ideas Shadow Box Coffee Table

Nature A shadow box coffee table is the perfect place to incorporate natural elements into a room instead. Fill wells with natural stones, shells, dried flowers, sea glass, driftwood or other natural elements that match your decor. Create a landscape on a small scale in the table shadow box; for example, fill the box with clean sand and decorator organize shells, stones and pieces of wood to resemble a natural shoreline. [...]

Platform Bed Image

Bulid Headers for Platform Bed

Make sure that it is not wider than the width of the platform bed. Place the head face on capitoneado filling. If you want softer, you can insert a piece of foam padding between the header. Wrap the edges of padding around the bottom edge of the header. Spread the fabric you chose to cover the head. Pull the bottom of the fabric below the bottom edge of the header and engrápala [...]